The classic outfit in winter using a classic cardigan

When winter comes, many people’s first reaction may be to buy thicker classic cardigans and windbreakers. Still, the underlayment hidden inside is also critical, especially when you take off a classic cardigan; we think the underlayer is the only way to key to style.

Speaking of winter fashion, we are talking about shirts and bottoms, which sometimes have to be separated from the four colors “black, white, gray and brown,” it is an unmistakable choice, and it is also my favorite all year round, for example, a classic straight Women’s Cardigans with shoes. Variety of primary colors, pay attention to matching clothing fabrics and each one with very sophisticated.

Classic cardigan

High Cool Blouses

  1. The plain and unremarkable bottoms seem indistinguishable at first glance; in addition to the material, you can also work on the details if you want to wear an elegant and luxurious look.
  2. For example, we’ve found that ribbed fabrics look more advanced than pure cotton fabrics.
  3. The white interior has textile details that instantly become very delicate.
  4. The other trend is that it’s better to show some skin anywhere; European and American bloggers love this trick.
  5. Since the outside should be tightly wrapped in autumn and winter, we believe the inside can be more attractive, such as the excellent collar design, which reveals the neck and has a great mood.

Classic cardigan with Blouses with innovative and asymmetric designs

  • The asymmetrical blouse looks very special and feminine whether worn indoors or alone.
  • The unique button and hollow design are full of details; even if matched with the whole suit, it will not make people feel too stiff.
  • For underwear, please choose a soft and light fabric in cashmere, so it’s very gentle on the skin.

Ribbed sweaters

This ribbed design can be extended with high-cool patterns or exposed to the chest, shoulders, and back and highlights when the coat is taken off inside.

Of course, if black and white is a winter staple, color models are also available.

Classic cardigan with Plaid blouses

In general, the bottoms blouses have a good fit, good packaging and stripes, of course.

The color models are not wrong but also easy to look dull, the printed models can be easily doubled into fashion.

Likewise, printed T-shirts have been a huge hit this year, and some bloggers feel they have to rely on them all winter long.

If you’re going for a sporty look, take a look at the modern geometric checkered, paired with loose-fitting wide-leg trousers that are particularly elegant and well-fitting.

Fashion bloggers love the vintage and modern expanded chessboard and floral designs, such as:

small chrysanthemum patterns and bright yellow look as warm and lively as seen on catwalks.


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